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Programs are continually added.
Check back for expanded offerings.


The Foundation welcomes calls with general questions from ostomates, caregivers and others in the ostomy community. Call 475-209-02404.


The program provides products such as bags, wafers, adhesives and more to ostomates in urgent need via mail and in-person delivery, depending on location.

The Ostomates Wellness Care Program will educate and provide the tools ostomates need to learn about self-care and enable safe and confident re-entry as active members of the community, school or the workforce. The program will focus on all stages of the ostomy process, from pre-op through immediate post-op and long-term care. Ostomates will receive a gift duffle bag with items they need to manage their care. Each bag will include products from multiple manufacturers, as well as the supplies for an emergency bag/pouch change kit, and literature about self-care and local resources for both physical and mental supportive services. The bags will be distributed to ostomates through the foundation’s established relationships with clinicians in the pre-op through post-op inpatient and outpatient departments at hospitals, as well as through health agencies and skilled care/rehabilitation centers.


Brings people with shared experiences together who can function as a bridge between medical and emotional needs. To learn more, click here.


The program provides access to resources for ostomates and their families who face discrimination and violations against basic rights due to having an ostomy. It is inspired by a tween-ostomate who has faces ongoing challenges returning to a school environment.

Through speaking engagements in the community and beyond, Foundation President Bob Reiling and other members of the organization reach into the community to work with groups, medical professionals and health care providers to provide education and more.



The program will serve the needs of and promote ostomates of all ages in a variety of platforms, including sports, fashion, science, theater, arts, and excellence in personal achievement and more. The mission of the program is to develop, foster, encourage and make recognizable these ostomates who exemplify the “no limitations to having an ostomy” mentality.


The program fosters support for ostomates in any stage of their journey who are facing unique challenges by connecting them with an Ostomy Awareness Foundation ambassador. Ambassadors are volunteers who are ostomates or caregivers who are well versed with issues facing ostomates. The ambassadors will serve as a liaison between ostomates and the Foundation. They will be available for support and will be able to direct ostomates to the appropriate resources.

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