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Anniversary shenanigans take center stage

This is Eddie, the foundation's "spokesman," pictured with foundation staff. He joined the foundation just over a year ago as an educational tool we take on the road with us. Why? Because Eddie has an ostomy!

That's right. When we welcomed him into the foundation family, we decided to don him with a real ostomy bag so we could introduce him to folks and show them the ins and outs of how an ostomy bag works.

This method seems a little less intimidating for folks when they see him at our booths and at other venues, especially those who haven't ever heard of an ostomy. But we've come to learn that once people see Eddie's bag, they're more comfortable seeing one on a human. And that's one of our goals - to educate the public and squish existing stereotypes about ostomies.

So, in honor of Eddie's one-year anniversary with us, we recently livened up the end of our work day with a little celebration for Eddie.

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