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In just the past two weeks, we've been moved by the number of individuals who have reached out to us with questions about the services we provide. One individual was referred to us by her friend who heard us address Rotarians at a recent meeting. This individual was preparing to have surgery in one week and was feeling overwhelmed and scared. Her fears were eased once we listened and then explained what we do and how we can help. One of the first things we did was meet with her to give her sample ostomy bags and a few accessories. She was so appreciative and thankful, she shared a Facebook post all about her journey and how grateful she was for being handed samples! It's simple, right? For someone about to go in for surgery, who is facing the unknown, having tangible accessories to see, feel and try was a Godsend. She had successful surgery and was home a few days later! We are checking in with her and here to help her transition into this new chapter of her life.

A few days ago, we had a booth at a community event and was approached by several individuals who were excited about our presence and services. One woman couldn't wait to get home to tell her husband, who has an ostomy, about us. Within a day, he called us and shared his journey of some of the struggles he is having with the bag staying on longer than a day. We had a great talk and we introduced some ideas that he may find useful. We plan to meet with him tomorrow and bring samples for him to try. Being able to take a call or respond to an email from someone who is scared and overwhelmed, or who just has general questions due to body changes is important to us. We care about all those who contact us - and we are here to help provide support, resources and education.

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